HMC Cardiology Clinic

Desk B
3 West Clinic,
Monday, 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Clinic Contact

Andrea Mickelsen, RN, 744-3980

Clinic Phone (patient appts)



Clinic Director is Michael Chen, MD


The Cardiology Section intends to provide a mentored experience in the longitudinal care of outpatients with a broad spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.  The emphasis will be on evaluating a limited number of patients at each visit and developing confidence in cardiac physical diagnosis.  Patients will be either interesting cases followed by the attending or new referrals to the clinic.  It is hoped that the 8-12 week block will allow these "new patients" evaluations to occur such that the resident well see a number of his/her workups through to intermediate to long term  triage or resolution.  This will require the resident to interface with the diagnostic laboratories, with the expectations that additional learning will accrue from direct participation in some diagnostic procedures (e.g., stress tests, tilt table tests) and/or review of primary data obtained (e.g., echocardiographic or scintigraphic) in these studies.