HMC Neurology

4 Maleng Building
Will Longstreth
Arielle Davis
For planned absences (vacation, conference leave, etc.), contact:

Will Longstreth ( and Christina Davis (

For emergency absences (sick leave, family emergency, etc.) contact:

Will Longstreth ( and Christina Davis (

Monday afternoons 12:15p-5:00p


The HMC Neurology Clinic is a general neurology clinic with referrals mostly from primary care clinics. Residents will enhance their knowledge and skills in the evaluation and management of patients with common neurologic complaints.


Gain knowledge and skills in the following specific areas of neurology:

  • Performance of a thorough and accurate neurologic exam and the interpretation of physical exam findings
  • Evaluation and management of headache, epilepsy, nerve root and peripheral nerve syndrome, and tremor
  • Neurologist's approach to back pain

Additional Information

Please bring equipment necessary to perform a neurological exam; all rooms are equipped with ophthalmoscopes.