HMC Podiatry Clinic

3 West Clinic
Seattle, WA

Clinic phone: 744-5016
Attending: Katrina Sullivan, DPM

Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Dr. Sullivan practices out of the High Risk Foot Clinic at 3WC and has a strong background in sports related injuries.  She was the podiatrist for the 1996 U.S. Summer Olympic team.  Residents will focus on the management of common foot problems with many opportunities to gain confidence performing procedures such as diabetic foot care, removal of ingrown toenails.  Residents will also be exposed to prosthesis fitting and use.

Goals and Objectives:

Residents will be able to demonstrate:

  • Evaluate and assess risk for diabetes mellitus foot
  • Initial treatment of DM foot problems and identify issues requiring referral
  • Patient education for DM foot
  • Evaluation of foot/ankle pain including sprains, strains, and fractures
  • Evaluation of common foot deformities including bunions, hammertoes, pes planus, and pes cavus
  • Evaluation and treatment of common foot related dermatologic problems such as corns, calluses, teni pedis, onychomycosis, and ingrown toenails

Recommended Reading:

Hoppenfeld. "Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities" - Chapter 8, Physical Examination of the Foot and Ankle.