HMC Student Evening Clinic

3 West Clinic
Clinic phone:
Clinic contact:
Renata Thronson, MD
Renata Thronson, MD

Caroline Rhoads, MD
Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


This clinic is staffed by an attending, a R4/Chief Resident, and 4-6 fourth-year medical student providers. As a resident in this clinic, you will have the unique opportunity to practice teaching in the ambulatory setting. Our students are self-selected into this clinic, participate for their entire fourth year, and develop long-term relationships with their own patients. They are a motivated, intelligent, fun group to teach, and they enjoy getting to know the resident preceptors over the course of your month or two in clinic.


  • Learn effective teaching skills in the outpatient setting
  • Facilitate independent thought and management by medical students
  • Teach general principles of outpatient medicine
  • Model applicable interview/exam/procedure points
  • Practice feedback
  • Develop and practice an individual style and technique for teaching in ambulatory settings

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