Longterm Care - Assisted Living/Adult Family Home

Steve Felton, ARNP
(206) 612-4389
Adult Family Homes: Tuesday afternoons
Assisted Living: Thursdays
Nursing Homes: Mondays and Wednesdays
Year-round, excepting when Steve is on vacation, etc.
Open to:
Interns, R2s and R3s


Adult Family Homes are licensed to provide care for up to six individuals, including frail elderly patients with end-of-life care needs as well as psychiatrically disabled younger patients.

Assisted living facilities provide similar services for larger groups of people who tend to have fewer individual care needs than those living in Adult Family Homes.

Information for Residents

  • Please contact Mr. Felton to make arrangements for when and where to meet.
  • Please call Mr. Felton (612-4389) if you will be late or unable to attend a session.
  • All of these facilities are located north of the ship canal.