Outpatient Procedures Clinic – UW Roosevelt

Roosevelt Clinic
4245 Roosevelt Way NE
3rd Floor in the GIM Clinic
Kim O’Connor, MD
For planned absences (vacation, conference leave, etc.) contact:

Kim O’Connor, MD

For emergency absences (sick leave, family emergency, etc.) contact:

Please inform the clinic of your absence before 7am so that they can contact any patients that are scheduled.

Tuesday afternoons
Resident should arrive by 1:30 pm, first patient is at 2:00 pm, usually done by 5:00 pm.


Referrals to the procedure clinic come from the primary care providers at Roosevelt General Internal Medicine Clinic and Women’s clinic. The majority of procedures we perform are either orthopedic or dermatologic. Common procedures we will perform include arthrocentesis and/or steroid injections of AC joint, subacromial bursa, trochanteric bursa and knee. We often perform punch and shave biopsies, cryotherapy of warts, skin tag removals and the occasional sebaceous cyst removal. On rare occasion we will do paracentesis.

The patient can feel free to contact Dr. O’Connor ahead of time by email to see what the patient load is like. If slow you may be able to start later or end earlier. On occasions the clinic will not have any patients scheduled. When that is the case, Dr. O’Connor will spend the time doing physical exam and procedure teaching one on one with the resident.