GIMC Roosevelt Clinic Block Information

GIMC Roosevelt Residents on Clinic Block
From: Deborah Greenberg, M.D., Director of Ambulatory Education
pager: 206-680-9314

Welcome to Clinic Block! We look forward to seeing you at Roosevelt more often over the next several months while you are on clinic block. We wanted to remind you about some of the learning opportunities that take place during clinic block here. Also, if any problems arise related to your clinics, please feel free to contact either of us at any time.

Clinic Block Schedule

Your schedule can be found on

Pre-Clinic Conference

Pre-clinic conference at Roosevelt is resident-led. This provides you an opportunity to practice teaching with your peers in a non-threatening environment. The topics come from a three-year curriculum developed by Dr. Linda Pinsky and the faculty with input from the residents. You will be provided information via email attachments from the GIMres website, consisting of one to three relevant articles, as well as possible cases for discussion. One faculty member will be listed as the “sponsoring attending.” Please contact him/her if you have questions or concerns about the topic.

You will receive an email the week prior to clinic with leader materials if you are leading conference. You can also check the clinic web site at for the schedule. The frequency that you lead conference is based on the number of residents on clinic block at our site in any given month, which is variable.

For the weeks that you are not assigned to lead conference, please review the materials prior to conference (also emailed to you) so that you can be an active participant.

Clinic Call

Clinic call gives you the opportunity to practice patient management over the telephone, a skill not learned in most residency programs, or even at all the sites within our program. Call consists of accepting phone calls from patients through the UWMC paging operator. Residents cover Monday-Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.. Your job is to triage the patients appropriately with the help of your back-up attending, as needed. Documentation is important and consists of a webcall form (on and an ORCA “Telephone Note.” The contents of the webcall form can be cut and pasted into the ORCA note. Each resident has one or two weeks of call during the year, usually during an ambulatory month. More information is at

An attending will be available for your consultation if needed. The attendings take call from Wednesday through the following Tuesday, so you will work with two different attendings each week you are on call. Resident call is from Monday through Thursday night, ending Friday morning. It begins at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 a.m. You are not responsible for weekends or official UWMC holidays as we recognize that clinic block is an opportunity not only to learn outpatient medicine but to recuperate from your call months and spend time with your friends and family.

Chart Review

Chart review for the interns and Seattle Primary Care Track R2’s takes place in W378 at 11:00 on Wednesday mornings following Behavioral Medicine Conference. The intent is to help you learn about patient-related topics as well as practice management skills.

Please let either of us know if there are problems with your clinic block. We will do whatever we can to resolve them. Again, welcome to clinic block!

Deborah Greenberg, M.D.
Director of Ambulatory Education, GIMC