VA Endocrine

West Clinic
Rm 1D-149
Building 100
For planned absences (vacation, conference leave, etc.) contact:

LeeAnn Huber (program support assistant),
Radhika Narla, MD,

For emergency absences (sick leave, family emergency, etc.) contact:

LeeAnn Huber (program support assistant), (206) 764-2495,
Radhika Narla, MD,

Friday mornings, 8:00a-12:00p
The VA Endocrine Post-Clinic Teaching Conference is held following clinic on Fridays from 12:15-1:15 in building 1, room 227; all residents are encouraged to attend.


The VA Endocrine Clinic provides initial evaluation and ongoing management of adult endocrine disorders, including: diabetes, thyroid conditions, dyslipidemias, osteoporosis and bone disorders, hypogonadism, transgender care, pituitary conditions, adrenal conditions, and others.