VA Pulmonary Clinic

West Clinic
First Floor
Building 100
For planned absences (vacation, conference leave, etc.) contact:

Kerri Alston,, (206) 277-5178
Rosemary Adamson,

For emergency absences (sick leave, family emergency, etc.) contact:

Kerri Alston,, (206) 277-5178
Rosemary Adamson,


Tuesday afternoons 12:30p-4:30p
First patient is at 12:30, please arrive a little early to get oriented

Residents are also encouraged to attend our combined pulmonary and radiology post-clinic conference from 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm in the Lakshmi Library, Rm 4D-179 of the Pulmonary Section.


The resident assigned to the outpatient pulmonary clinic works together with the inpatient pulmonary consult service (typically composed of a fellow and a resident and/or medical student). The fellow divides the patients scheduled for the “Fellow 1” clinic among the trainee providers. The outpatient resident is expected to see up to four patients. They will then staff the patient with the inpatient pulmonary consult attending, who will review the history, results and imaging, and then meet and examine the patient. Together, the resident and attending will finalize the plan of care. After clinic, residents will join the entire pulmonary section and radiology attending for a combined post-clinic conference. The conference begins with a brief teaching case then is concentrated on reviewing and discussing interesting or complex cases within the section. If the resident has any trouble finding the pulmonary consult fellow, they can page 206-314-3334.