Electronic Case-Based Curriculum Review at PacMed Clinics

The Curriculum will consist of a list of vital topics chosen by the Primary Care residents.

One case per week will be prepared with the goal of presenting at least one important lesson ("a pearl a day").

The cases will be prepared by one of nine Primary Care residents or thirteen attendings on a rotating schedule. Residents will be assigned based upon their clinic block schedule so that they will have time to select and present the case. The schedule will be made up far in advance to allow for planning, vacations etc.

The presentations should be concise but provide enough detail to demonstrate the clinical problem. Several thought/discussion-provoking questions and one or two references for further reading will accompany each case scenario.

The cases will be distributed with discussion and references via email.

Attending-resident pairs may choose to discuss the case at the end of their clinic session during chart sign-out.

Articles will be photocopied weekly by Swedish library staff and disseminated to the two clinic sites by mail, or more often by email attachment.