General Internal Medicine Clinic, Roosevelt

3rd Floor
4245 Roosevelt Way Northeast
Box 354670
Seattle, WA 98105
Unexpected Absence:
  • Before 6:30am call the sick line (206-598-2640) and leave a clear voice mail.
  • After 6:30am, call the clinic front desk (206-598-0069). Someone may or may not be in clinic to answer, but keep trying back until you reach a staff member who can start rescheduling patients.
  • You must also e-mail to ensure your patients are cancelled.

Planned Absence (at least 30 days in advance):

Deb Greenberg, MD

Education Director:
Deb Greenberg, MD
Administrative Contact:
Ben Thompson

UW General Internal Medicine is a community of health care providers offering outstanding care to a diverse patient population and a commitment to resident education. Patient care visits are the core educational activity, supported by enthusiastic and knowledgeable attendings. Clinic precepting is aimed at assisting the residents in giving good care while maintaining the primacy of the resident-patient relationship. To facilitate residents' learning about ambulatory medicine, we have an evidence-based 3-year curriculum, which is presented via case-based interactive pre-clinic conferences. These conferences are led by residents using teaching material prepared by the attendings. Education is also fostered through weekly chart reviews, patient videotape reviews, and regular meetings with mentor attendings. The Roosevelt Clinic continually strives to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for residents while offering top quality ambulatory education preparing residents for practice.


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