UW Roosevelt General Internal Medicine Clinic

General Internal Medicine Clinic (GIMC) is the internal medicine clinic affiliated with University of Washington and as such, attracts a diverse mix of patients from healthy, community-dwelling adults to chronically-ill patients with a variety of illnesses. GIMC accepts Medicaid and Medicare and therefore the patient population includes marginalized patients.

Patient care visits are the core educational activity, supported by enthusiastic and knowledgeable attendings. Clinic precepting is aimed at assisting the residents in providing a high level of care while maintaining resident autonomy. To facilitate residents' learning about ambulatory medicine, GIMC has an evidence-based curriculum, which is presented via case-based interactive pre-clinic conferences. These conferences are led by residents using teaching material prepared by the mentoring attending and third- year primary care residents. Education is also fostered through chart reviews and regular meetings with mentoring attendings.

The support staff at GIMC are exceptional and work to assist residents in caring for their clinic patients when on busy inpatient rotations. Additionally, residents and attendings dictate their clinic notes and are currently trialing voice recognition software, a major advancement in expediently providing patient care.

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