Renal Clinic Block

All Year
4 weeks
Rotation Director:
Leah Haseley, MD
Clinic Contact:
Krista Forsyth Fisher
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The Renal clinic block rotation will provide residents with a broad exposure to outpatient general nephrology. There will be opportunity to gain proficiency in the common nephrology problems that internists will encounter in their practice: acute deterioration in kidney function, nephrolithiasis, difficult to control hypertension, electrolyte derangements, proteinuria, hematuria, glomerular disease, and the many varieties and the complications of chronic kidney disease. Their will be ample opportunity to interpret urine sediment findings.

The resident will gain knowledge in the timing of nephrology referral, dialysis modality selection, and the important aspects of the care of patient on both hemo- and peritoneal dialysis. The resident will learn about the work-up prior to transplantation and the important aspects of immunosuppressive therapy and post transplant care.

The curriculum will include a review of pertinent nephrology and hypertension articles. Residents will participate in relevant and practical conferences geared toward their level of experience.

The rotation will include clinics at HMC, UW and the VA. Brief lectures will be given each week at the three sights (approximately 15 minutes) to lay a strong foundation in the basic principles. The resident will be assigned an attending director/mentor for the month that will be available for feed back and coordination of activities. The resident will have an opportunity to write a case report from an existing case of interest seen by a nephrology team during or prior to the rotation.

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