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This ambulatory patient care experience is designed to provide in depth exposure to patients with diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders—the most common metabolic diseases encountered by endocrinologists. Residents will also work with patients having fascinating but less frequent pituitary, adrenal, gonadal, parathyroid and multi-glandular diseases. The rotation will be based largely at Harborview Medical Center, with Lipid/Atherosclerosis Clinic on Tuesday mornings, General Endocrinology Clinic on Wednesday mornings and Weight Disorders Clinic on Wednesday afternoons. Half day clinics held at other sites will include the General Endocrinology Clinic of Dr. Kaila Sheckter, a highly respected endocrinologist in the community; Thyroid Cancer Clinic with Dr. Alan Failor at the SCCA; and the diabetes clinic of Dr. Abe Desantis, an outstanding clinical teacher in the UW Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition. Residents will also attend the Division’s weekly Journal Club and Teaching Seminar on Thursday afternoons. The remaining time will be filled with Thursday morning educational activities at UWMC and the resident’s Continuity Clinic.

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