Department of Medicine

University of Washington School of Medicine Policy

The School of Medicine does not require and discourages professional activities outside the residency/fellowship program for its residents/fellows, believing in general that the time and effort required for training are incompatible with part-time work. In particular, professional activities outside the residency/fellowship program are not permitted in UWMC, SCCA, HMC or the clinics associated with these institutions. Nevertheless, with prior approval, residents/fellows may engage in professional activities outside the scope of their training program in those facilities or other facilities provided that such activities are consistent with ACGME policies and that compensation for these services is provided by entities other than the University of Washington, University of Washington Physicians (UWP) or Children’s University Medical Group (CUMG).

All professional activities outside the program are subject to prospective approval after full disclosure.

Conditions for Approval

Outside professional activity may be approved if the following conditions are met:

  • · Professional activities outside the educational program must not interfere in any way with the educational experience, performance or responsibilities of the resident/fellow.
  • · Residents/fellows may not engage in professional activities in which there may be a conflict of interest with their appointment at the University of Washington.
  • · Professional activities outside the educational program must comply with applicable federal law and regulations.
  • · The total aggregate work hours for residents/fellows, including both their activities as part of an accredited program and outside activities must not exceed 80 hours per week when averaged over four weeks. In addition, professional activities outside of the program and program activities must meet any other applicable ACGME accreditation standards. Outside professional activities shall not exceed on average one day per week averaged over thirteen weeks.
Limitation on Liability Coverage

Professional liability coverage is not provided by the University of Washington for professional activities outside of the residency/fellowship program.


Under Washington State Law [RCW 18.71.095(3)], a limited license “… shall permit the resident physician to practice medicine only in conjunction with his or her duties as a resident/fellow physician and shall not authorize the physician to engage in any other form of practice.” While a request for prospective approval of outside professional activities may be rejected on the basis that the individual will not be appropriately licensed, approval of outside activities does not constitute the University’s endorsement that the individual does have the appropriate license. It is the residents’/fellow’s responsibility to assure that s/he is appropriately licensed for all professional activities in which s/he engages.