Mentor Program

RAMP: Residency Advising Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Internal Medicine Residency Advising Mentorship Program (RAMP) established in 2007. The University of Washington Internal Medicine Housestaff Representatives Committee developed the program after several residents expressed their concern regarding the need for more mentorship and assistance with career development within the residency. The main goal of our mentorship program is to help establish an appropriate mentor(s) for every resident in our program. We hope the program will promote early career planning and encourage exploration of different career paths during residency tailored to the resident’s particular interests. In addition to career development, the mentorship program will strive to promote an improved sense of community within the internal medicine residency, providing residents approachable faculty members for issues that arise both in and outside the hospital setting.

You will be assigned an advisor who is a senior faculty attending who has been chosen for their connections with other faculty, approachability, and natural ability for counseling. Your advisor will meet with you early in the year (July to October) to hear about your goals and interests. This advisor will then facilitate connecting you with a mentor with expertise relevant to your particular interests. You will then follow up and ideally create a long-standing relationship with that mentor, whom you can look to for advice on crafting your professional experiences to support your goals.

Once you have a established an appropriate mentor, much of the responsibility for career planning and development will be transferred from your advisor to your mentor(s), but your advisor's door will always remain open, should you decide to change directions or need further counseling.

The UW Internal Medicine residency wants to help you reach your professional potential. RAMP is a key tool for connecting you to mentors who can help you determine and attain your goals.