Future Plans

The following descriptions will provide you with information about several of the options that you may be considering for July and beyond.


The appointment date for 2014-15 positions in our program is February 3, 2014.  During the third week in January, R1s and R2s in a three year track and 2014-15 Chief Residents/R4s will receive formal invitations from our office to continue on in the program and a contract for 2014-15.  Although you will not be asked to make a firm commitment prior to January 16th, we would appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you are considering not returning next year.  On February 3rd, we will expect you to make a firm commitment.

Chief Resident Positions (2015-16)

If you are interested in any of the Chief Resident positions available in 2015-16, you must sign a Release of Information Form and contact the appropriate office soon to discuss your plans. It is quite appropriate for you to meet with the contact persons from several sites if you are interested in more than one position. Decisions for the Chief Resident offers will be made on April 1, 2014.

Clinician-Teacher Positions (2015-16)

There are two Seattle VA clinician-teacher positions. The clinician-teacher position includes extensive teaching and clinical activities and is an opportunity to expand skills in these areas. The clinician-teacher has his/her own patient panel and clinic sessions, and attends in the GIM clinic and ER. Teaching includes one month of inpatient attending, precepting for medical students and residents in the GIM clinic and ER, and conducting resident pre-clinic conference. Scholarship is an important component of the position and one day per week is set aside for development of a scholarly project, in addition to one month during the year. Decisions for the clinician-teacher positions will be made on April 1, 2013.

2 positions Initial Contact: Mercy Sobervilla (206) 764-2345 Interviews: Ginger Evans, MD (gingere@va.gov) Joyce Wipf, MD (jwipf@uw.edu) Please bring a CV to each interview
Initial Contact: Mercy Sobervilla (206) 764-2345
Interviews Joyce Wipf, MD
Paul Cornia, MD
Please bring a CV to each interview.

Fellowship Training

Information regarding UW fellowship programs is located on the Medicine Residency website under Professional Development. If you intend to apply a fellowship summer 2014, you should begin thinking about the application process. We will be hosting a Fellowship Application Workshop on March 6, 2014. Individuals who will be applying this coming summer who would like to attend the workshop, must sign-up by January 15th at noon. Participation in this workshop is limited to individuals applying summer 2014 so we are able to provide optimal coverage for services. If you will be applying for fellowship in 2015, you are invited to attend next year's event.

The official departmental letter of recommendation for a fellowship will be written by your assigned Associate Program Director and co-signed by Dr. Steinberg. Throughout the spring, they will be available to meet with you to review your plans and discuss your letters. They are also willing to help you identify appropriate faculty members in the subspecialty divisions with whom you can discuss support of your application.

The Medicine Residency Office will coordinate the letter writing process. You will need to provide your letter writer with a current copy of your CV and personal statement if you have one. At least two week notice is required to meet with you, review your file, and prepare your letter.

Fellowship Training in ABIM Research Pathway (“Fast-Tracking”)

The ABIM Research Pathway is intended for trainees who seek academic careers as investigators in basic science or clinical research. Training for the Research Pathway is longer in duration than standard clinical training (i.e., a total of five years for General Internal Medicine and six or seven years for subspecialties).

Since the Research Pathway only requires two years of full time clinical training in an accredited Internal Medicine residency program, the Board emphasizes that the curriculum is not optimal preparation for a career in clinical practice. If trainees in the Research Pathway decide to change their career path from investigator to clinician, they must meet all of the requirements for the standard thirty-six month clinical pathway.

If you are considering this option, you should register for the Fellowship Application Workshop. Official departmental letters of recommendation for fellowships will be managed as above.

Going into Practice

Please keep in mind, if you would like, Dr. Steinberg is happy to meet with you and personally support your application by providing a Medicine Residency Program letter of recommendation. To ensure that your letter of recommendation is processed in a timely manner, at least two week notice is required to meet with you, review your file, and prepare your letter.