Intern Teaching Conference, 2014

Dates: Thursday mornings, 7-8am, June 26-Aug 14
Location: UWMC, T639

What To Do When You’re Called to See a Patient With…

June 26 Chest Radiographs You Will See in the Middle of the Night
Andrew Luks, MD
July 3 Pain
Susan Merel, MD
July 10 Insomnia, Nausea, Constipation
Dan Cabrera, MD
July 17 Hospital-Associated Infections
Paul Pottinger, MD
July 24 Arrhythmia
Jordan Prutkin, MD
July 31 Blood Product Needs
Terry Gernsheimer, MD
Aug 7 End of Life Care
Corinne Fligner, MD
Aug 14 Dyspnea
Ken Steinberg, MD
Please contact John Choe, with questions or suggestions:
(206) 560-0744
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