Intern Teaching Conference

2016 Details

7 – 8am
June 30 – August 18
Speakers TBD

2015 Presentations

What To Do When You’re Called to See a Patient With…

July 2 Chest Pain
Zach Goldberger, MD
July 9 Dyspnea
Ken Steinberg, MD
July 16 Hospital Acquired Infections
Paul Pottinger, MD
July 23 Reading CXRs in the Middle of the Night
Andrew Luks, MD
July 30 Pain Management
Susan Merel, MD
August 6 AMS, N/V, Constipation, Insomnia
Gabrielle Berger, MD
August 13 Arrhythmias
Jordan Prutkin, MD
August 20 Blood Transfusions
Terry Gernsheimer, MD
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