Intern Teaching Conference (ITC)

2017 Details

7 – 8am
July 6 – August 17
Health Sciences Building T435

2017 Presentations

What To Do When You’re Called to See a Patient With…

July 6 Dyspnea
Ken Steinberg, MD
July 13 AMS, N/V, Constipation, Insomnia
Gaby Berger, MD
July 20 Reading XRs in the Middle of the Night (PowerPoint slideshow file, 12MB)
Andrew Luks, MD
July 27 Pain Management
Susan Merel, MD
August 3 Arrhythmias
Jordan Prutkin, MD
August 10 Hospital Acquired Infections
Paul Pottinger, MD
August 17 Chest Pain
Zach Goldberger, MD
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