Yearlong Project Reports

(2015). Learning Through Touch: Assessing Learning Behaviors at the Life on the Edge: Inland Seas Touch Pool. Seattle Aquarium

(2015). Quiz Yo' Self: Evaluating Network Stations at the Wellbody Academy of Health and Welness. Pacific Science Center

(2015). McCurdy Family Maritime Gallery Summative Evaluation. MOHAI

(2014). Getting to Know Family Audiences:  Family-Oriented Program Use at MOHAI

(2014). Summative Evaluation of the Renovated Harbor Seal Exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium

(2014). Formative Evaluation of Lobby Experience and Resources at the Henry Art Gallery

(2013). Exploring Spaces: Evaluating Visitor Experiences at the Henry Art Gallery

(2013). Science on a Sphere: Evaluation at Pacific Science Center

(2013). Visitor Use and Reaction to the Under Water Dome Exhibit at the Seattle Aquariuim

(2012). Evaluation of the Gallery Guide Program at the Frye Art Museum

(2012). Harbor Seal Habitat Renovation:  Front-end Evaluation at the Seattle Aquarium

(2012). Evaluation of Self-Guided School Visits at Woodland Park Zoo? 

(2011). Visitor Expectation and Satisfaction of Family Day Events at the Burke Museum

(2011). What's Going On In This Tour? Evaluation of VTS-Based School Tours

(2011). Holding Power of Exhibits for the Toddler Audience at the Seattle Aquarium

(2010). Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway: Summative Evaluation at the Burke Museum

(2010). East By Northwest: Summative Evaluation at the Northwest African American Museum

(2010). Use and Effectiveness of Discovery Carts at Pacific Science Center

(2009). Coffee the World In Your Cup: Summative Evaluation at the Burke Museum

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Spring Quarter Project Reports

(2014) Washington Informal Science Education (WISE):  Cross Institutional Demographic Study is online community and resource for those interested in Research and Evaluation within informal learning settings like museums, zoos, aquaria, and botanical gardens.  Since 2009, the Museology Evaluation Group has used as a way to disseminate project reports created by our graduate student teams who conduct evaluations within our partner institutions.  All of our students are encouraged to create a profile on Informalscience as a way to connect and become involved with the informal learning community and also as a learning tool to seek out and use research and evaluation reports published by other professionals.  Anyone may join Informalscience, and may view our project reports by connecting with us through joining the UW Museology Graduate Program group.  

 Visitor Studies Association

Students who participate in the Museology Evaluation Group also become exposed to the work of the Visitor Studies Association (VSA), an international association of museum professionals who conduct, and use audience research & evaluation within museums.  The VSA hosts an annual conference each summer, and since 2009, our graduate students have presented their evaluation projects during VSA's poster session.  The annual conference is a fantastic opportunity for students to network with museum professionals and other students, while showcasing their own academic work.  Our students and alumni often become involved in VSA through volunteer work within its various professional committees, as well as participate in regional workshops.  Museology faculty also serve leadership roles, both past and current, within VSA.

Alumni present their poster at the annual VSA conference *2009