Fall of 2014 - Coming Soon!

Internships provide a means for students to gain professional experience, while also providing value to host sites through their service and expertise.  Host sites are local, regional and state-wide institutions ranging from small volunteer-run heritage sites, to large museums, zoos and aquaria.

Museology graduate students complete nearly 10,000 hours of internship work each year and bring with them past work experience in addition to graduate level coursework in collections management, exhibit development, audience research and  evaluation, education, program planning, fundraising, and administration. 

When does the Museology Internship Fair take place?

Our internship fair has been an annual offereing since 2012, and we are quickly gaining popularity with local and regional museum sites looking to host internships, and network with our students.  Typically, the internship fair takes place before the start Fall quarter, typically mid to late September.  Planning begins mid summer, so check back here for more information dates, times and locations.  Until then, you can see a list of past museum sites who have participated, and who have sought out our student interns in the past. 

Do you represent a site that isn't quite ready to host an internship?

Even if you don't think you're ready to host a formal internship, the Museology Internship Fair might still be a nice place to advertise your site, and network with our students and other local museum professionals.  Our students often take on unstructured, or project-based internships with sites, so come and chat with them informally. You may find someone who's just the right fit!