The Museology Interdisciplinary Faculty Group is comprised of University of Washington graduate faculty who provide scholarly oversight to the Program. Their expertise is widely dispersed over many academic fields relevant to contemporary museology, including anthropology, architecture, art history, biology, earth and space sciences, education, history, information science, preservation, zoology.

Jordanna Bailkin, PhD
Professor, History and Women's Studies

Leslie Herrenkohl
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Bruce Hevly, PhD
Associate Professor, History
Director, Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest

Julie M Johnson, PhD    
Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture

Miriam Kahn, PhD
Professor, Anthropology
Adjunct Curator, Pacific Ethnology, Burke Museum

Steven Kerr, PhD
Professor, Education

Scott Magelssen, PhD    

Associate Professor, School of Drama

Kris Morrissey, PhD
Director, Museology

Wilson O'Donnell
Associate Director, Museology

Bradley Portin, PhD

Director and Professor, Education, UW Bothell

Julie Stein, PhD
Director, Burke Museum

Joseph Tennis, PhD
Associate Professor, The Information School

Robin Wright, PhD
Professor, Art History, School of Art
Curator of Native American Art, Burke Museum
Director, Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art

Shirley Yee, PhD
Professor, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies