Internship Coordinator and New Directions Coordinator

University of Washington Museology Graduate Program Box 359485 Seattle, WA 98195-9485

Nick Visscher is the Coordinator of Professional Experiences, overseeing Internships and the New Directions in Audience Research Initiative for the Museology Program. He works with students to coordinate internships and assists with teaching in the Program's audience research courses and Directed Fieldwork sections, working with local Seattle museums to set up and collaborate with student teams in conducting audience research & evaluation projects.  Prior to his appointment with Museology, Nick worked in the Behavioral Husbandry Department of the New York Aquarium and has had experience in education, animal care and audience research with the Michigan State University Museum, Potter Park Zoological Gardens and the marine mammal program at "The Seas", Epcot - Walt Disney World Resort. Nick graduated from Michigan State University's Zoo & Aquarium Management Graduate Program and completed certifications in Museum Studies and Interpretation through the National Association for Interpreation.