Class of 2016

Museology Graduation Celebration
June 10, 2016 - 5:00pm
UW Tower Auditorium


Graduation Requirements

During the quarter in which you intend to graduate, the following procedures must be completed for application and evaluation of the Master of Arts in Museology degree.

  1. Students must be registered full time during the quarter they conduct their thesis/master's project defense. Students who have completed six quarters of full-time enrollment may register for a minimum of one credit during the quarter they complete the thesis/master's project requirement.
  2. Second, you must submit the Degree Audit Form to your Advisor by the second week of the quarter in which you intend to graduate. We highly recommend submitting your audit the quarter before you intend to graduate. If you missed requirements this gives you an opportunity to fill in any gaps.
  3. Third, you must apply for your Master's Degree Request during the quarter that you intend to graduate. Please review the Graduate School Deadlines for specific dates. The Graduate School evaluates transcripts for minimum Graduate School requirements. If Graduate School minimum requirements are not met, you will be notified by email of any outstanding requirement(s). Any contingencies must be completed in order for the degree to be conferred.
  4. Fourth, every student must successfully complete a defense of their thesis or master's project. Your supervisory committee is responsible for approving your degree. By signing the Master's Degree Warrant, your committee certifies that you have met all Program requirements for the degree, including a successful presentation of your thesis or mater's project. Occasionally, the Program may indicate a contingency that must be met before the degree is to be awarded (e.g., satisfactory completion of a required course in the student's current program or removal of an incomplete). If so, the Graduate School will verify that the contingency has been met before conferring the degree. If no department contingencies are listed on the signed Master's Degree Warrant, it will be assumed that all departmental requirements have been met. The signed Warrant must be returned to the Museology Program Director no later than the last day of the quarter in which you expect to receive the degree. After the end of the quarter, you will receive an email indicating whether or not your degree was conferred.

Graduation Ceremonies

You have the option of participating in two graduation ceremonies: the Museology Graduate Program Graduation Celebration and the University of Washington Commencement.

Museology Program Graduation Celebration

The Museology Program Graduation celebration will be held on the last Friday of Spring Quarter in the University of Washington Tower Auditorium followed by a reception at the Burke Museum. This is a ceremony to celebrate the graduating class and their achievements and all Museology students are encouraged to attend. Graduates will receive invitations to send out to family and friends during Spring Quarter.

University of Washington Commencement

The University of Washington’s Commencement is held on Saturday following the last day of Spring Quarter. To participate in the University of Washington Commencement, students must register for the ceremony (and order caps, gowns, tickets, parking passes, etc.) by completing the Commencement Registration Form by the May deadline. Please visit the University of Washington Commencement Homepage for more information.