• The checklist below is for supervisor/student use and does not need to be submitted to the Internship Coordinator. UW Museology views a comprehensive host-site orientation as a critical component to the success and productivity of any internship and we encourage supervisors to discuss the following items with their interns.  
  • Internships may occur ON or OFF campus. Students should meet with supervisors to arrange an appropriate work schedule compatible with each parties needs (students are required to complete at least a total of 180 hours of internship work over their two years which they can split between as many institutions and internship opportunities as they like).
  • Supervisors are encouraged to contact the Museology Program with any questions or concerns regarding internships. Inquiries can be directed to the internship coordinator, Dylan High at museint@uw.edu or 206-221-0713.
  1. Has your intern received an introductory tour of your institution and office space? (Including on-site policies, rules or regulations).

  2. Has your intern been introduced to appropriate staff, within your department and throughout your institution?

  3. Is your intern aware of the organizational structure of the institution and given instructions for appropriate chains of command and reporting protocols?

  4. Does your intern have an appropriate workspace (e.g. shared desk, cubicle)? If not, have you agreed upon where he or she will conduct their work?

  5. Is your intern aware of office supplies or resources that are available to them while conducting work at your institution? (e.g. copier, fax, computer)

  6. Have you set up weekly meetings or other modes of communication to discuss internship questions, concerns, and/or work progress?

  7. Have your interns been invited to staff meetings, or other professional development/mentorship opportunities that you deem appropriate for them to attend?