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Until 2013, the museum community in the state of New York was primarily serviced by two organizations: Museumwise (formerly the Upstate History Alliance) and MANY (Museum Association of New York). These membership-based organizations separately focused on developing and disseminating ethical, legal, and other key resources to the field, providing professional development through continuing education, and essential advocacy to support and further the mission of museums and related cultural organizations throughout the State of New York.

Beginning in late 2011, the Boards of Museumwise and MANY began an approach toward consolidating the two organizations. The primary driver of the consolidation was to provide better unified service to the museum and related cultural community of New York State. The two organizations legally became one New York State chartered organization in December 2012. A decision was made by the Board to operate the consolidated organization as the Museum Association of New York (MANY), since that name had an identifiable history and spoke directly to our mission to better serve the museums and related cultural organizations in New York State.



As the leader of this consolidated organization, the Executive Director will need to leverage their vision and entrepreneurial skills to become the predominant voice for the entire museum community, as well as arboretums, historical houses/societies, zoos and other related cultural entities of New York State. The Executive Director should be a leader in the museum field who has the skills, initiative, and knowledge to set the directions and strategies that will positively guide the future of MANY, its Board leadership, and to assure the life and vibrancy of the state's museum and related cultural community. This will include the development and approval of 3-year strategic plans for MANY to provide the core goals and actions that will guide the organization. The Executive Director will be a dynamic leader who will advocate with governmental, corporate and other professional leaders to consistently emphasize the importance and value of museums and related cultural organizations on the economic health, educational vibrancy, and overall quality of life in New York State.



The Executive Director provides innovative leadership, vision, and direction for this state-wide organization and develops strategies that result in the consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. The Executive Director guides and facilitates the work of a geographically dispersed Board, implements policies approved by the Board, manages MANY’s programs and operations, and articulately and professionally represents MANY to a variety of stakeholders. The Executive Director performs the duties and responsibilities as listed below and others as identified by the MANY Board and assigned through its President.

The Executive Director’s duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

General Management

Plan, formulate and recommend to the Board basic policies and programs that will further the objectives of MANY and best support the needs of the museum and related cultural community of New York State.
Guide the development and approval of three-year strategic plans.
Oversee MANY'S office operations including the appointment, supervision, and whenever necessary, discharge of individuals who occupy staff positions authorized by the Board; contractual arrangements for services and consultants; and records management.


Develop and recommend an annual budget, in consultation with the treasurer and Finance Committee, for Board approval.
Manage the MANY’s finances within the parameters of the Board-approved budget.
Provide the Board with timely, accurate and appropriately detailed reporting and forecasting to instill confidence in the financial management of MANY’s finances.


Seek external funding to support Board-approved projects.
Supervise development and submission of all grant proposals, and ensure that progress reports to funding organizations are submitted accurately and on time.
Oversee the design, development, promotion, implementation and quality of programs, products and services to assure that they are consistent with MANY’s mission and effective in their outcomes.
Serve as project director for MANY’s major grant-funded initiatives, performing duties as specified in the proposal and overseeing staff and consultants assigned to the project.
Work collaboratively with the Board and the MANY’s membership; oversee program development; monitor and evaluate programs; collect and disseminate statistical data about statewide service programs; provide regular reports to the Board and funding agencies on program and funding status.


Actively recruit new members to the organization and work diligently to retain existing members.
Identify cost effective opportunities to increase interaction with existing membership to ensure that their needs and priorities are addressed.
Oversee the planning and administration of the annual conference and all board meetings.
Provide services to members by responding to queries and overseeing the management of websites and lists.

Advocacy / Relationship Building

Leverage past and create new relationships throughout the state within the public and private sectors to promote the value of museum and related cultural organizations.
Serve as spokesperson for MANY representing the programs and point of view of the organization at meetings, public hearings, public presentations, professional conferences and other opportunities for visibility and advocacy with the membership, government officials, funders, and the public.
Consistently monitor the activities of federal, state and local governments and allied professions and organizations to inform the direction of MANY’s efforts and to inform member organizations.
Maintain effective relationships with allied organizations and professional associations (i.e., American Alliance of Museums).

Qualities / Attributes

Excellent written and interpersonal skills
Polished public speaker
Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
Clear knowledge and understanding in the use of social media and the internet
Ability and willingness to travel
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