Category One: Required Courses
All courses are required.

MUS 580: Introduction to Museology, Fall - 1st year (5 credits)
MUS 590: Seminar in Museum Theory and Administration, winter - 1st year (5 credits)
MUS 598: Research Methods and Museology Practice or equivalent research class as approved by Advisor, Spring – 1st Year (4 credits)
MUS 599: Careers and Social Capital, spring - 2nd year (4 credits)
MUS 700/710: Master’s Thesis or Master’s Project - 2nd Year (10 credits required)
Museum Internship:  (at least 180 hours or 6 credits of MUS 601)

MUSEUM 580 Introduction to Museology (5)
Museum history, philosophy, and basic operations, including organization, income, collection management, conservation, exhibition, security, education, research, and ethics.

MUSEUM 590 Seminar in Museum Theory and Administration (5)
Examination of principles of administrative theory and museum operations. Administrative structures and policies, management theory, board issues, organizational conflicts, planning issues, collection concerns, financial constructs, professional standards, and museum/community relations from an organizational and management perspective.

MUSEUM 598: Research Methods and Museology Practice (4)
Prepares students to identify, interpret, analyze and design research that advances the field of Museology.

MUSEUM 599 Careers and Social Capital (4 CR/NC)
This seminar-style informal course will assist students in transitioning from the academic world to the professional world. Topics include resume and cover letter development, interview skills, networking, public speaking, professional organizations, moving up the career ladder, understanding the job market, the future of the profession, etc.

Museum Internship (180 hours of work or 6 credits of MUS 601)
Professionally supervised internships in museums and allied institutions. Each internship is individually established and provides students with practical experience and the opportunity to apply and learn new professional skills.  Students may divide their time between multiple host sites, or choose to do one large internship experience.  Most students complete many more than the required 180 hours.  If students would like to formally register for Internship they may enroll in MUS 601: Museum Internship, up to 15 credits of MUS 601 may count toward a student's total credit allottment.