Our curriculum is challenging, highly interdisciplinary and designed to give students a solid grounding in all areas of professional museum practice, while allowing for deep focus on the student’s area of interest.

All graduate students complete at least 60 credit hours of coursework in their two years of study with the Program. These are divided into the following categories:

Museology Core - All courses required 

  • Introduction to Museology (5 credits)
  • Careers and Social Capital (4- 5 credits)
  • Museum Internship (at least 180 hours or 6 credits of MUS 601)
  • Master’s Thesis or Master’s Project (10 credits required)

Research and Evaluation - One course required 

  • Research Methods and Museology Practice (4) required
  • Evaluation in Informal Learning Settings (3)
  • Directed Fieldwork in Audience research (up to 6 credits)
  • Data Analysis

Organizational Development - 8 credits required

  • Administration & Leadership (5)
  • Development (3)
  • Law and Ethics (4)
  • Grant Writing (3)
  • Leadership classes as approved by Advisor
  • Evans School certificate in Nonprofit Management

Public Engagement - 8 credits required

  • Understanding and Facilitating Learning (5)
  • Exhibition Design (5)
  • Educational Programs (5)
  • Public Engagement Seminar (Art/History/Science) (3)
  • Museums & Social Issues (3)

Collections Stewardship - 3 credits require

  • Preservation and Management of Collections I (5)
  • Preservation and Management II (5)
  • Issues and Philosophy of Collections (3)
  • Directed Fieldwork in Collections (1-5)

Interdisciplinary Electives

Students must take at least 10 credits (15 recommended) of interdisciplinary classes outside of Museology. Electives should be approved by your advisor. Any 500 level credits will count towards your 60 credits and 400 level courses may count if approved by advisor.

Students must complete the minimum number of credits in each cluster, but may choose to take as many additional courses in each cluster as they desire. Click here for a complete list of graduation requirements.