Each year our students complete over 10,000 hours of internship work with

100 different institutions locally, nationally and even abroad. 

Jimi Hightower, class of 2015, represents the
Klondike Gold Rush Museum at a community festival

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The Internship Experience

Internships are a cornerstone of our student’s graduate experience and we’ll help you make the right contacts to get the internship that fits your professional goals and personal interest.

The Museology Program requires that its graduate students complete 180 hours of internship work over the course of their two years with us. Some students complete one long Internship while others complete multiple Internships as a way to broaden their experience base within the museum field.  Internships allow students to collaborate with experts in the field, gain mentorship by museum practitioners and to begin to create a body of professional work beyond graduate coursework.

Students are responsible for identifying and securing their own Internships, but a student's advisor and the Internship Coordinator can assist with making appropriate contacts and offering guidance throughout an application process.  Some internships are paid opportunities, others are unpaid.  In either case, internships are a necessary addition to a student's resume and often play a critical role in obtaining full time employment in the field after graduation.  


Interested in hosting a Museology student intern at your institution?

Contact Nick Visscher at vissche2@uw.edu or call 206-221-0763 for further information.