Category Two: Leadership & Strategic Operations
A minimum of one course is required.

MUS 595: Legal Issues in Museums (4)
MUS 588: Development (4)
Leadership class from university approved by Advisor (example, PB AF 503 Executive Leadership)

Category Three: Public Engagement
A minimum of 12 credits is required.

Designing and Facilitating Audience Experiences
MUS 592: Social Issues and Museums (3)
MUS 593: Seminar in Museum Exhibition (5)
MUS 594: Seminar in Museum Education (4) or 588: Seminar in Museum Education (3)
MUS 583: Directed Fieldwork in Museum Exhibitions (3)
MUS 588: Public Engagement (3-4) alternates between science, art, history, etc.
MUS 583: Directed Fieldwork in Museum Operations (1-5)
MUS 588: Grant Writing (3)

Assessing Visitor Experiences
MUS 596: Introduction to Audience Research in Informal Learning Settings (3)
MUS 597: Directed Field Work in Audience Research (up to 5 credits)

Category Four: Understanding and Caring for Collections
A minimum of one course is required.

MUS 581: Preservation and Management of Collections I, Fall (5)
MUS 582: Preservation and Management II, offered even years, MUS 581 Prerequisite (5)
MUS 586: Issues and Philosophy of Collections, offered alternate years (3)
MUS 584: Directed Fieldwork in Archaeological Collections (MUS 581 Prerequisite)
MUS 585: Directed Fieldwork in Museum General Collections (MUS 581 Prerequisite)

Category Five: Research
These elective courses represent an important area of Museology practice and a growing area of focus in our program. They count as electives towards your required 60 credits.

MUS 588: Data Analysis
MUS 588: Research-Based Practice