Electives should be approved by your advisor. Any 500 level credits will count towards your 60 credits and 400 level courses may count if approved by your advisor.

Elective courses have included, but are not limited to: Education courses, such as:

  • Critical Views on Educational Leadership
  • Seminar in Educational Psychology
  • Seminar in Learning and Thinking
  • Human Learning and Educational Practice
  • Basic Educational Statistics
  • Developmental Foundations of Early Learning

Anthropology and Archaeology courses, such as

  • Ethnohistory of Native North America
  • Visual Anthropology
  • Analyses of Stone Artifacts
  • Archaeological Laboratory Techniques

Art and Art History courses, such as

  • Native Art of the Pacific Northwest Coast
  • Art, Religion, and Politics in Byzantium
  • Oceanic Art
  • Two-Dimensional Art of the Northwest Coast Indians

Biology, Zoology or Science Studies courses, such as

  • Behavioral Studies of Zoo Animals
  • Wildlife Research Techniques
  • Natural History of Mammals
  • Science in Civilization

Digital Arts courses, such as

  • Applications of Digital Technologies to Humanities Research
  • Mechatronic Art, Design, and Fabrication
  • Digital Art and New Media: History, Theory, and Practice

Public Affairs courses, such as

  • Grant Writing
  • Executive Leadership

Other disciplines, such as

  • Comparative Religion
  • Indian Heritage of Mexico and Central America
  • Geographic Information Systems in Forest Resources
  • Historic Preservation Planning
  • Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • North American Indians: Pacific Northwest
  • Pacific Recreation and Tourism Issues
  • Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials
  • Public Management: Program Planning and Design
  • Southeast Asian History to 1800