Geoffrey Nunn
Class of 2007

"During my second interview, the museum's head of curatorial grilled me with a barrage of high-level museological questions. I managed to field all of them successfully by reaching back to my training."

Good luck to our new class of 2014 in your first day of Intro to Museology today! Knock em dead!:-) 2 years 48 weeks ago
A pic of our new audience research and evaluation group! 2 years 49 weeks ago
@CSSCR welcome to the twitterverse! Excited to check out fall quarter workshops this year! 2 years 49 weeks ago
Productive first session! Thanks to Kathryn Owen from @woodlandparkzoo for getting us on the right track! (and lots of animal analogies) :-) 2 years 49 weeks ago
First day of classes! First day of ND! Excited to see all and talk projects @SeattleAquarium @henryartgallery @PacSci 2 years 49 weeks ago
A great internship fair today! I hope students made a lot of great contacts! 2 years 49 weeks ago
Thank you @henryartgallery for saving the day! 2 years 50 weeks ago
Student quarterly meeting today at the Henry Auditorium, 2:30-3:30pm! 2 years 50 weeks ago
Change of schedule today! "museums in flux talk at the Henry Auditorium,1:30-2:30. 2 years 50 weeks ago
Tower mix up! Is the auditorium available @henryartgallery this afternoon?....for public talk and museo student orientation? 2 years 50 weeks ago