Rebecca Whitham
Class of 2006

"The most useful part about an interdisciplinary program such as the Museology Program is that it not only prepares you to do your own work, but it also helps you gain firsthand knowledge and experience of others' work within an institution. That's a tremendous advantage when job seeking and in the work field."

Introducing ND to the new students at orientation today! Hope they get excited about getting involved! 1 year 50 weeks ago
Another new year is starting today! Welcome class of 2014! Hope we have many interested in audience research and evaluation this year! 1 year 50 weeks ago
AEA Members: Reg open for Coffee Break on Data Visualization in Microsoft Excel w/ D Shellard 10/11 @LechatnoR 1 year 50 weeks ago
Fall quarter schedule is shaping up nicely.. Hopefully get a chance to Skype w Amy Grack Nelson and some fabulous ND alums this time! 1 year 50 weeks ago
@EvaluationMaven will adventures in evaluation be tweeting! Loving ur show so far! 1 year 51 weeks ago
Project sites are set for this year! Woohoo! Excited to work with @SeattleAquarium @henryartgallery @pacsci 1 year 51 weeks ago
Thanks for passing this on @exposyourmuseum a great evaluation podcast! Adventures in Evaluation! 1 year 51 weeks ago
@incluseum blog is such a great outlet for publication and discussion on some fabulous Museology thesis work! Kudos!! 1 year 51 weeks ago
Any good free tools for evaluating museum visitor tweets and/or other social media type posts? 1 year 52 weeks ago
@incluseum @uwmuseology nice!!! 1 year 52 weeks ago