Geoffrey Nunn
Class of 2007

"During my second interview, the museum's head of curatorial grilled me with a barrage of high-level museological questions. I managed to field all of them successfully by reaching back to my training."

#vsa25 gotta have BBQ in Raleigh! 3 years 1 day ago
Should we have a shared language? Maybe more of a thesaurus to help diverse members communicate! #vsa25 3 years 2 days ago
Right on! RT @exposyourmuseum "Be generous with your young staff; give them room to grow" @danspock #vsa25 #danspockisms 3 years 2 days ago
Calling all UW alum n students! See nick for your UW name badge sticker! Represent! #vsa25 3 years 2 days ago
NICE! RT @10ch @Troybur How to make space for awesome things that are hard or even impossible to measure. #vsa25 3 years 2 days ago 3 generations of ND, class of 2010, 2011 and 2013:-) opening reception fun #vsa25 3 years 2 days ago
@emilbeckwilcox yes we miss you, 4 generations of UW New Directions students & alumni here! 3 years 3 days ago
@Troybur integrating VS within other areas of museum profession, getting those folks to value (and know about) VSA #vsa25 #vsa2012 3 years 3 days ago
Thousands of social science scales! Oh my! #vsa2012 3 years 4 days ago
RT @UWNewDirections good convo in our workshop Using Social Science Scales to Measure Impact! #vsa2012 3 years 4 days ago