Affiliate Investigators

photo of UW South Lake Union campusThere presently are 69 Affiliate Investigators of the NORC in diverse divisions, departments and schools widely dispersed throughout the University of Washington, whose research interests span several disciplines and whose methodologies span the range from basic cell and molecular biology and biochemistry, through animal experimentation and clinical research, to epidemiological studies.

Procedure to apply for Affiliate Investigator Status

To be eligible for appointment as a NORC Affiliate Investigator, the applicant must be a member of the faculty of any School or Department at the University of Washington and must be performing nutrition- and obesity-related research of merit. Appointments are made by the Executive Committee after review of the applications. Applications are to include a description of the project(s), relevance to nutrition, their funding base, the proposed use of each Core's facilities, and the applicant's curriculum vitae and bibliography.

The University of Washington NORC is supported by the National Institutes of Health, NIDDK, grant # P30 DK035816. Please cite this grant support in your publications if you have utilized NORC facilities for the research.