Analytic Core



Director: Andy Hoofnagle, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Laboratory Medicine

University of Washington





Metabolomics Subcore Director: Dan Raftery, PhD

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry

University of Washington



The Analytic Core provides Affiliate Investigators access to high-quality, cost-effective nutritional assays, and new methods development as well as consultation. Services include quantitative measures of:

  • Nitrogen containing compounds
  • Carbohydrates and related compounds
  • Lipids and related compounds
  • Minerals and trace elements
  • Vitamins
  • Murine assays
  • Targeted metabolomics
  • Targeted proteomics
  • New methods development: HPLC, GC, atomic absorption, ELISA, etc.

Services and Fees:

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Metabolomics Subcore:

  • Targeted Metabolite Profiling
  • Global Metabolite Profiling
  • Statistical and Pathway Analysis

Services and Fees:

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