Funding Opportunities

Below are descriptions of the awards and eligibility criteria.

The Nutrition Obesity Research Center supports up to 3 Pilot and Feasibility (P/F) awards, providing funding up to $45,000 annually for a maximum of 2 years.

Eligibility criteria:  P/F Awards are specifically designed to provide support for junior investigators to enable them to obtain sufficient pilot data to be competitive for receipt of peer-reviewed funding. They also are used to attract established investigators in other fields into the area of nutrition and/or obesity research. In this case, the established investigator must provide considerable evidence that the proposed research is a major departure from his/her usual line of research, and that it is likely to lead to an ongoing interest in nutrition and/or obesity. The P/F program also will, on occasion, fund research that is somewhat speculative, but in which a potentially important hypothesis can be tested. Eligibility is confined to faculty members within any school, department or division at the University of Washington. The proposed research has to have nutrition and/or obesity relevance.

View current pilot and feasibility awardees here 

The School of Medicine’s Office of Research has provided $25,000 to the Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (NORC) to facilitate access to advanced imaging technologies for use in studies of nutrition and obesity. Advanced imaging technologies can provide novel approaches to discovery in basic and clinical research, but there are considerable up-front costs to adopting these tools. With the support of the Office of Research, the NORC will fund a total of $10,000 of awards in 2013 and $5000 for the 3 following years. These funds are specifically designated to cover the cost of scanner time at UW facilities. Awards are $3000 for human studies and $2000 for animal studies. Technical expertise that is required to adapt existing protocols or create new protocols that meet investigator’s needs is available at no cost through the NORC Metabolic Imaging Sub-core. Eligibility criteria:  Priority will be placed on supporting pilot studies that:

  1. Are aimed at developing new techniques with potential applications for UW nutrition and obesity researchers
  2. Bring together new collaborative teams
  3. Are the first adoption of imaging technology by the NORC affiliate investigator, and/or
  4. Are proposed by junior investigators

NORC Administrative Core