Enrichment Program Seminar Series

The NORC sponsors a Diabetes and Metabolism Seminar Series, in association with the UW Diabetes Institute (DI), Diabetes Research Center (DRC), and Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute (PNDRI). All are welcome to attend. Unless otherwise listed, seminars are held at 4:00pm in the Orin Smith Auditorium located at the UW SLU Campus (850 Republican Street).

2016-2017 Seminar Series

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Kroc Scholar Jose Florez, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School

Mechanisms of crosstalk between the liver and the endocrine pancreas


Andrew Norris, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Pediatrics University of Iowa

Abnormal glucose tolerance in infants and young children with cystic fibrosis


Matthew Rodeheffer, PhD Associate Professor of Comparative Medicine Yale University School of Medicine

Understanding how we get fat: Dietary regulation of adipocyte progenitors


Annual Symposium: HDL and triglycerides


Shingo Kojimura, PhD Associate Professor of Cell and Tissue Biology University of California, San Francisco

Molecular basis of beige adipocyte biogenesis and energy balance


Fellow of the Year