Naval Science (NSCI) Courses
These are the courses Naval ROTC students take, grouped by the typical year in school students take them and the accompanying Midshipman rank. NSCI courses are open to all students at the University.
For a brief description and information on when the courses are offered, please see the NSCI course descriptions in the University's Time Schedule.

Freshman Year (MIDN 4/C)
NSCI 101: The Naval Service (ALL MIDN)
NSCI 102: History of US Sea Power I (ALL MIDN)
NSCI 103: History of US Sea Power II (ALL MIDN)

Sophomore Year (MIDN 3/C)
NSCI 201: Leadership & Management (ALL MIDN)
NSCI 202: Navigation I (ALL MIDN)
NSCI 203: Navigation II (ALL MIDN)

Junior Year (MIDN 2/C)
NSCI 301: Ship Systems I
NSCI 302: Ship Systems II
NSCI 303: Weapon Systems

Senior Year (MIDN 1/C)
NSCI 401: Naval Operations
NSCI 402: Leadership & Ethics
NSCI 403: Naval Organization

Marine Options

Winter Sophomore Year
NSCI 321: Evolution of Warfare I (ALL MECEPs)

Fall Junior Year
NSCI 421: Amphibious Warfare (ALL MECEPs)

Spring Junior Year
NSCI 323: USMC Leadership 1 (OCS Prep, required to go to OCS)

Winter Senior Year
NSCI 402: Leadership Ethics (ALL MECEPs)