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Husky Battalion Mission Statement


     Since 1926, the Husky Battalion has been preparing Midshipmen for United States Naval service.  Today, the mission of the Battalion is to develop Midshipmen, Officer Candidates, and Marines mentally, physically, and morally in preparation for service as commissioned officers in the world’s finest Navy and Marine Corps.  In this pursuit, Husky members are trained to strive for academic and professional excellence.  They are instilled with traditional ideals of honor, courage, and commitment to guide them in their future roles as military leaders.  The UW NROTC Battalion structure facilitates the command, control, and administration of its members as they are trained and educated in the arts and sciences and aspects of Naval and Marine warfare.  Battalion leaders at all levels must commit themselves to the fair treatment of all within the Battalion while offering an environment for practical application of leadership, teamwork, time management, and organizational skills.  The Unit staff will assist in the Battalion’s mission by serving as role models and advisors committed to each member’s professional development and academic success.  Through considerate observation, both Battalion leaders and Unit Staff will evaluate each member’s progress towards the goal of earning a commission as a Naval or Marine Corps Officer.


General Information



    The Seattle Area is an ideal setting for the NROTC program.  Both the University of Washington and Seattle University, founded in the late 1800's, are located in the heart of Seattle, a city known for its scenic beauty and naval heritage.  The Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Bangor Trident Submarine Base, Naval Station Everett, and Bremerton Shipyard are all nearby, affording every midshipman (an NROTC student) a close-up view of their future opportunities.  The University of Washington is the largest single-campus university in the West and boasts nationally renown colleges of engineering, oceanography, and business.  Seattle University offers a private school alternative to the University of Washington while sharing the benefits of NROTC through cross town enrollment, for nursing option only.  Midshipmen who attend Seattle University as full-time students participate in weekly drill and Naval Science classes at the University of Washington.


    The NROTC student is free to pursue most areas of study offered.  However, the Navy encourages students to major in technical fields such as engineering, mathematics, physics, or chemistry, as this type of degree will prepare the prospective officer to meet the challenge of a technical and sophisticated Navy.  NROTC can help students achieve academic goals.  A mentoring program has been established to lead and assist students to academic and personal success. 


    Aside from the typical daily routine of a university student, the NROTC Midshipman also receives classroom training which is critical to his or her professional development as a future Naval or Marine Corps officer.  Professional education includes an introduction to Naval Weaponry, Navigation, Military History, Naval Engineering, Seapower and Maritime Affairs, Amphibious Warfare, Leadership and Ethics.  This training is supplemented by field trips to Navy and Marine Corps installations as well as summer cruises aboard naval ships, submarines, and aircraft carrier squadrons, providing valuable first hand experience of career opportunities.


    A critical aspect of the Midshipman's training is the development of his or her leadership skills and techniques.  This is accomplished by placing the NROTC student within a chain of command structure which is similar to that employed by active duty naval personnel.  Within this structure, Midshipmen hold positions of rank and responsibility.  The student is exposed to many aspects of dealing with people from diverse backgrounds, a vital skill for success in every day life of a naval officer. 


    Physical fitness is another essential aspect of an NROTC students training.  All Midshipmen are required to pass a semi-annual physical readiness test that includes running, sit-ups, and push-ups.  Midshipmen can also participate in intramural athletics on NROTC teams such as football, basketball, and swimming.  In addition, the University of Washington participates in Northwest Navy, an annual competition between NROTC units of the Northwest.  Events include basketball, soccer, volleyball, physical fitness, academics, and others.


    The Midshipman's training is rounded out by participation in unit-related social functions, such as formal balls and dinners, or casual unit parties and picnics.  Such functions are designed to enhance the people and communication skills so essential to a career as a Navy or Marine Corps officer.  


    The mission of the NROTC program is to develop Midshipman morally, mentally, and physically and instill in them the highest ideals of honor, courage, and commitment upon commissioning as officers in the Navy or Marine Corps.  For information on how to apply for a NROTC scholarship or college program, or on the many different career paths in the Navy and Marine Corps available to their officers, visit the Career Planning pages.