The University of Washington's Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps conducts an annual orientation prior to the start of the fall quarter.The in coming midshipmen will be issued uniforms, indoctrinated to the customs and courtesies of the Naval service, and be introduced to the different communities available in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Battalion Orientation Objectives

  • Familiarize prospective Midshipment with:
    • Military customs and courtesies
    • Uniform Regulations
    • Close order drill
    • NROTC Program
    • Various career options (Aviation , Surface Warfare, Submaries, Marine Corps, etc.)
  • Emphasize the importance of teamwork, leadership, and core values

Specific Information

  1. Reporting
  2. Housing
  3. Uniform
  4. Military Standards


If you will not being staying in the dorms on the UW campus, please bring your PT shorts, shower gear, and and change of underclothes. There will be a PT session in the afternoon and you will not have time to return to your off-campus residence to change and shower.

When reporting to muster the following clothing shall be worn:

  • Khaki pants
  • Navy blue polo shirt
  • White undershirt
  • Belt
  • Appropriate footwear (no sandals)

All males should adhere to these additional requirements:

  • Shave prior to reporting
  • Haircut should be within standards listed in the Battalion Information Guide



Your dorm rooms will be available for early check-in in order to participate in Battalion Orientaion. Plan on checking in to your dorm room on Monday, September 21st. This will be the room you are in for the remainder of the school year. The application for early arrival will not available on the Housing and Food Services website until late August. You will be informed via email when this application becomes available. This application must be completed by September 7th in order to check-in to your dorm room early. Additional costs will be charged by the University until the normal start date for dorm check-in begins.

The application for early room assignment will be available here:

Once you have reviewed all of the relevant information for Early Arrival applications, scroll down to the section titled "Early Fall Start / Interim / Early Arrival 2012" and select the link regarding Early Arrival Housing for an approved program. You will then need to follow the necessary steps to complete the application process.

The cost for Early Arrival Housing during Period II is $157. This includes a $25 application fee, room fees, and dining fees. These charges will apply through Wednesday, September 23. All Early Arrival Housing charges will be assessed on your housing account. Information from the UW regarding early arrival housing can be found here.

General housing information from UW can be found here.



In order to ensure you have properly fitting uniforms please fill out the uniform sizing chart and submit the form to the supply officer. All measurements must be taken by a professional tailor. Submissions may be mailed to the supply officer (address at end of form) or sent electronicly using the forms below.

Male Uniform Sizing Form

Female Uniform Sizing Form


Military Standards

During the course of the orientation you will be acclimated to the physical training program at the Unit. You will also be required to perform the Navy physical fitness assessment (PFA) in order to see where you stand and what areas you may need work in. You will have the best results (and prevent injury) if you come ready for our workouts. Please read the following information booklet, this will give you an idea of what to expect and how to properly prepare for the physical training program you will soon be part of. PT Info

The following link contains current Navy PFA requirements for males and females: PFA Standards

Furthermore, prospective midshipmen will be required to take a swim qualification test. Here are links to the details and an example video.