Welcome to Husky Battalion! In order to help orient you to your new command, visit the pages that apply to you. You will find useful information and necessary forms as well. You may also wish to view the UW’s official admissions FAQ: http://admit.washington.edu/FAQ/Admission

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Active Duty FAQs and Topics of interest

  1. Sponsor Assignment
  2. Check-In
  3. Housing
  4. Commuting
  5. Uniforms
  6. Duty/Watch
  7. Tricare
  8. Medical/Dental Records
  9. Leave
  10. Basic Etiquette
  11. What things need to be done at the university before I start classes/register?
  12. What kind of schedule can I expect during the school year?
  13. What requirements do I need to meet for the command before commissioning?


Sponsor Assignment

You will be assigned a sponsor while you are at NSI.  Your sponsor will be an OC at the UW NROTC unit.  He or she will contact you while you are at NSI and answer any questions you may have.  You are encouraged to communicate with your sponsor early and often, it is their job to make sure your check in process goes smoothly.

If you are nearing your NSI graduation date and you have not heard from your sponsor, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator

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You can check in off leave at the battalion admin office located on the second floor of Clark Hall.  They are open Monday through Friday 0730 to 1600 while school is in session.  It is a good idea to call ahead before you check in to ensure someone will be there.  The office can be contacted at 206-543-0170. 

For check in bring your signed orders, service record, medical and dental records, military ID, and NSI transcript (ensure you pick up a signed copy before leaving NSI). Report in Service Khaki. When you arrive in Seattle, we can provide a duty driver for transport from the airport. Contact the Sponsor Coordinator a week in advance to arrage a pickup time.

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After you report in, you will be given the opportunity to take house-hunting leave.  This is up to five working days of special liberty to help you find a place to live.  This can be strung together with one or two weekends; only working days count.  You may take house-hunting leave once and only when you first report in.

While many Officer Candidates live within walking distance of the UW, you may elect to reside closer to Naval Station Everett (20 miles north) or Naval Station Bremerton (60 miles west).  Students not living in military housing will receive Seattle BAH rates.

Living outside the U-District can save money. Prices come down a lot if you're willing to make a 10-15 minute commute from Wallingford, Wedgwood, Northgate, Maple Leaf, or Ballard.  Prices go down further and the houses get a lot nicer if you're willing to leave Seattle and live in Shoreline or Mill Creek or Lynnwood.  In general, we recommend going north, as the neighborhoods are much nicer and most of the OC's tend to live north, so you have a lot of carpool options. 

On the other hand, you will probably be commuting to UW every weekday, so living close can save you a lot of time and a lot of miles.  Some of our OCs even live in the dorms on campus.  It’s a matter of personal preference, how nice do you want your home to be and how much are you willing to pay?

Lastly, we don’t recommend living across the water in Kitsap County, but it can be done.  Some of our OCs do it, but the commute is really long and inconvenient when you have to be at school by 0630.  Most likely your are considering this option because you are in a mil-mil relationship, and it may be worth it for that. If you’re considering doing this, contact the Sponsor Coordinator.

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Many students walk or ride their bikes to campus for free.  The UW will send you a U-pass every quarter which allows you to take any King County, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, or Kitsap Transit bus or train.  Bus routes and schedules can be found on the Metro homepage.  Your U-pass will also give you a parking discount.  If you drive to campus alone or in a carpool of two, you should park in the Montlake E1 lot, just east of campus.  If you drive to campus in a carpool of three or more, you can park on campus.  You must put money into your husky card account in order to use your U-pass for parking.  More information about parking can be found on the UW parking homepage.

Active duty students are eligable to have public transportation fees repaid with the TIP program. Sign up with the Supply Officer when you report.

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  • OC

All of your uniforms will be worn in the same manner as you wore them at NSI with a few exceptions.  Officer candidates do NOT wear the large gold anchors on the SDB jacket.  Simply remove them; nothing goes there.  Also we do NOT wear the small gold anchors on the collars of the Service Khaki or the Working Khaki uniforms.  You will be issued “OC Pins” on your first day which are worn on the collar in the exact same fashion.  Continue to wear the anchor on your garrison caps.

For PT you will wear the Navy issue yellow T-shirt and navy blue shorts.  All or half of your navy blue sweats can be worn if desired.  Wear good running shoes.


All uniforms are worn as normal for enlisted personnel.

For PT you will be issued a "Bulldog" T-shirt to be worn with plain black bottoms. Your Marine sweats may also be worn. Occationally you will run a in boots and cammies, so ensure you have broken in shoes.

  • All

We also wear a unit polo shirt on some days.  You will be issued one shirt but you can purchase more.  The unit polo is worn with a normal pair of khaki slacks.  You must wear a belt and keep the shirt tucked in.  You must wear proper shoes – no athletic shoes or sandals.  They do not need to be dress shoes either, a nice pair of black or brown walking shoes will do.

Once you start school you will be allowed to wear civilian clothes on non-uniform days. Proper civilian attire must be worn in the wardroom at all times.  Always wear a belt if wearing pants with belt loops.  Shirts that have a tail, or are longer in the front and the rear, need to be tucked in.  Shirts, including T-shirts, that are even length around the bottom do not need to be tucked in. Sandals are allowed if they are in good condition.  No cheap looking flip-flops or shower shoes are allowed to be worn.  You should always have a smart haircut and be clean shaven when on campus. 

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During the normal school year you will stand two or three duty driver watches each quarter. Make sure to sign up on the watchbill.  During the summer you will be required to stand several OOD watches and conduct morning and evening colors.

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You will need to change your tricare coverage to the Northwest region. Our command qualifies for Tricare Remote if you would prefer not to be attached to a MTF in Everett or Bremerton. There is a Coast Guard station near the UW that can handle most routine exams (i.e. PHA).

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Medical/Dental Records

You can choose to maintain your own medical and dental record. Unless you live nearby a MTF, keeping your medical record is recommended as you may need to visit several different medical facilites in the process of getting a commissioning physical.

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You do earn leave as normal and you will only need to take leave if you plan on leaving the 300 mi radius around Seattle.  Because of this, most OCs end up building up their leave reserves while in school.  Leave opportunities are available between quarters and for special purposes you may be permitted to take leave during the school year.

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Basic Etiquette

Always endeavor to present yourself professionally in a military environment. Here are some basic rules to show respect in our unit

  • When talking to a superior (i.e. instructors) stand straight with your hands held behind you near your lower back. We call this modified parade rest. Use correct grammer. No slang (common offenses: yeah, nah). Address the person either by title or if they are an officer, you may also use Sir/Ma'am.
  • If you are showing up to the unit in civilian gear, make sure it is clean, serviceable, and of an appropriate fit. Cheap flip-flops are not allowed, but nice sandals are permitted. Males should be clean shaven.
    • Your first impression will stick in the minds of your peers and instructors. Put a little extra effort into your wardrobe when you meet them. A T-shirt and jeans outfit is okay, but a button up shirt or polo will make you look serious about our Battalion.
  • If you can't make it to a meeting or know you will be late, contact someone as soon as you know a conflict exists.

What things need to be done at the university before I start classes/register?

Immunizations - Bring a copy of your immunization records to Hall Health. Until you get this done, you will be locked out of the registration system.

Tuition and Identification - You will also need to pick up a UW ID card and establish residency (active duty) for tuition purposes.  Be sure to bring your orders and your military ID when applying for residency tuition at the Registrar.

Email/UWNet ID - You should have a UWNet ID and email address that ends in @u.washington.edu.  If you do not, go to this UWNet ID creation page.  You will need a UWNet ID to use the online class registration. Additionally our unit communicates by email extensively.  You should subscribe to the uwnavy mailing list.  NROTC information is sent out to this list daily.  When asked if you’d like to receive the list mail batched in a daily digest, select no. Questions about the mailing list can be directed to our Computer Science Officer.

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What kind of schedule can I expect during the school year?

While at times the schedule at the unit can be demanding, for the most part the below routine describes a typical week: 

Monday           Marines: Attend "Bulldog" PT session (0630-0730);  Attend classes (civilian attire)

Tuesday           Attend classes following GMT (General Military Training) from 0630-0730 in Service Khaki (or other) uniform

Wednesday      Attend classes (civilian attire) following PT from 0630 to 0730 in PT gear

(Navy issue yellow t-shirt and blue shorts, Navy sweats optional)

Thursday          Attend classes (civilian attire)

Friday              Marines: Attend "Bulldog" PT session (0630-0730); Attend classes (civilian attire)

The weekend typically has activities that you may or may not have to participate in (i.e. Sail team event; Marine field exercise, etc.)

Active duty students will attend classes full-time year-round.

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What requirements do I need to meet for the command before commissioning?

OCs will need to take another 3 Naval Science courses in addition to those completed at NSI (make sure you turn in your NSI transcripts!)

  • NSCI 201        Naval Leadership and Management (offered Autumn quarter)
  • NSCI 402        Leadership and Ethics (offered Winter quarter)
  • NSCI 403        Naval Organization and Management (offered Spring quarter)

OCs additionally will need to complete a senior crew sail qualification. This can typically be done in about 2 quarters of Sail Team participation or on the spring (3-4 days) or summer (2-3 weeks) sail trips.

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