NROTC Requirements

There are several obligations and requirements that must be met as part of the Husky Battalion.  Each option has slightly different standards, so this area is your first source for finding out what you should be doing.


  • You will exercise (PT) as part of a group twice a week. One of these times will be as part of the entire Batallion. The other will be as a member of a Northwest Navy (NWN) team during the fall, or as a platoon after the NWN competition is done.
  • You will attend a morning drill/quarters once a week during which time we typically present military training or feature community briefs.
  • In order to fund some activities, battalion members complete events to raise money. Generally these are done through the athletic department as we help setup/teardown or usher for sporting events. Members will complete a minimum of 3 events each year.
  • All except active duty Marines will complete a sailing qualification through our Sail Team. Details are under the team's pages.
  • You will stand duty about 3 times each quarter. Underclassmen MIDN stand JOOD, Upperclassmen stand OOD. Active duty OCs and MECEPs are duty driver. Duty runs for 24 hours (you will not be physically in Clark for all 24).


  • Marine option MIDN participate in Bulldog PT in addition to the other twice weekly PT. Bulldog meets twice a week.
  • Marine MIDN take the following courses:
    • NSCI 101, 102, 103, 201, 321, 322, 323 (OCS Prep), 402, 421


  • Navy MIDN take the following courses:
    • NSCI 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, 301, 302, 303, 401, 402, 403

College programmer

  • Before we induct you as a full MIDN, there are a few standards we require you to meet. They are equivalent to completing the Battalion Orientation week and have been designed to help integrate new people into the battalion seamlessly.



  • OCs take the following courses:
    • NSCI 201, 402, 403
    • Ensure you have your NSI transcripts to meet the other NSCI course requirements


  • MECEPs take the following courses:
    • NSCI 321, 322, 323 (OCS Prep), 402