Welcome to Husky Battalion! In order to help orient you to your new command, visit the pages that apply to you. You will find useful information and forms as well. You may also wish to view the UW’s official admissions FAQ: http://admit.washington.edu/FAQ/Admission

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Active Duty FAQs and Topics of interest 


If you would like to request a sponsor, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator



You can check in off leave at the battalion admin office located on the second floor of Clark Hall.  They are open Monday through Friday 0730 to 1600 while school is in session.  It is a good idea to call ahead before you check in to ensure someone will be there.  The office can be contacted at 206-543-0170. 

For check in bring your signed orders, service record, medical and dental records, military ID. Report in Service Khaki. When you arrive in Seattle, we can provide a duty driver for transport from the airport. Contact the Sponsor Coordinator a week in advance to arrage a pickup time.



After you report in, you will be given the opportunity to take house-hunting leave.  This is up to five working days of special liberty to help you find a place to live.  This can be strung together with one or two weekends; only working days count.  You may take house-hunting leave once and only when you first report in.

While many active duty students live within walking distance of the UW, you may elect to reside closer to Naval Station Everett (20 miles north) or Naval Station Bremerton (60 miles west).  Students not living in military housing will receive Seattle BAH rates.

Living outside the U-District can save money. Prices come down a lot if you're willing to make a 10-15 minute commute from Wallingford, Wedgwood, Northgate, Maple Leaf, or Ballard.  Prices go down further and the houses get a lot nicer if you're willing to leave Seattle and live in Shoreline or Mill Creek or Lynnwood.  In general, we recommend going north, as the neighborhoods are much nicer and most of the OC's tend to live north, so you have a lot of carpool options. 

On the other hand, you will probably be commuting to UW every weekday, so living close can save you a lot of time and a lot of miles.  It’s a matter of personal preference, how nice do you want your home to be and how much are you willing to pay?



Many students walk or ride their bikes to campus for free.  The UW will send you a U-pass every quarter which allows you to take any King County, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, or Kitsap Transit bus or train.  Bus routes and schedules can be found on the Metro homepage.  Your U-pass will also give you a parking discount.  If you drive to campus alone or in a carpool of two, you should park in the Montlake E1 lot, just east of campus.  If you drive to campus in a carpool of three or more, you can park on campus.  You must put money into your husky card account in order to use your U-pass for parking.  More information about parking can be found on the UW parking homepage.

Active duty students are eligable to have public transportation fees repaid with the TIP program. Sign up with the Supply Officer when you report.



You will need to change your tricare coverage to the Northwest region. Our command qualifies for Tricare Remote if you would prefer not to be attached to a MTF in Everett or Bremerton. There is a Coast Guard station near the UW that can handle most routine exams (i.e. PHA).