The Northwest Navy (NWN) competition is held each spring and provides a chance for surrounding NROTC programs to get together and enter into a friendly competition that covers many military skills. You can see pictures from the most recent NWN competition on our image gallery.

Academic Team

The academic team consists of competitive and studious individuals. They compete annually in an Academic Bowl during the Northwest Navy Competitions. The students are tested on their knowledge in the various fields of Naval Science including navigation, engineering, history, weapons, and amphibious operations.

Basketball Team

The University of Washington's NROTC basketball team teaches the fundamentals of basketball; passing, dribbling, shooting, defense, and above all teamwork. Emphasizing these basic skills, our aim is to successfully compete at Northwest Navy and demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of the sport and to take home a championship trophy. We emphasize dedication, effort, and above all, enthusiasm for the sport and towards our teammates

Color Guard

University of Washington Naval ROTC’s Color Guard team is a simple but important way to participate in the community as well as the battalion. A color guard is usually comprised of an American flag bearer, Marine Corp flag bearer, Navy flag bearer, and a rifleman on each side. We have an award-winning team that competes at our annual Northwest Navy competition every spring. In addition, anybody on the team is welcome to sign-up for extracurricular color guards that display the flags, usually during the national anthem, for ceremonies, sporting events, formal dinners, parades, and the like. Such events are excellent ways to serve your community while also providing local Husky Battalion presence. The American and service flags are very important to our military and country so the members of this team have the privilege of being a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Regulation Drill

Incorporating the core values of Honor Courage and Commitment in our Unit's freshmen, the regulation drill team teaches mastery of the M1 Garand rifle with "in place" and "marching drill manuals".  Although regulation drill is a mandatory team for the new freshmen Midshipman, they always come to every practice eager and ready to learn.  The first couple of months is a demanding and challenging process with all of the new drill movements that are expected to be learned with precision, but after the initial "shock", the freshmen learn to come together as a team and start to feel a sense of camaraderie by helping each other out and start to do everything together "as one".  Other things that are expected are; crucial attention to detail, discipline, military knowledge, bearing, proper uniform wear, and motivation. After these long grueling months of early mornings in the cold Washington weather, the newly smithed precision regulation drill team will have their skills put to the  test at the North West Navy competition against three other schools.  But, no matter the outcome, the team overall has made their first steps in learning the basic values of becoming a Naval or Marine Corps Officer by being imbued with the core values and obtaining a sense of pride and belonging to the Navy and Marine Corps.

Exhibition Drill

Striving for mastery of a uniquely independent skill set, Exhibition Drill team is a new entity of the Battalion that endeavors to uphold a discipline that is purely meant to embody the spirit of the armed forces and unlike it's predecessor, Regulation Drill, is limited only by the imagination and creativity of its subjects. The hours and focus that Exhibition Drill requires are demanding, to say the least, and the participants of this team are solely responsible for their own success. They have learned the incorporated "Fancy Drill" moves themselves without the instruction or supervision of a Drill Instructor, and routine itself was created by the team's enthusiastic Platoon Sergeant. This team's motivation is genuine and the time and dedication it has taken them to come this far not only demonstrates that but will also bring them success this year at Northwest Navy.

Physical Readiness Team

Stacked with the best of the best, this team takes pulls its participants from a unit who's instructors and students place a high value on physical fitness. No extra practices are required, as team players are selected from the start based of off their personal intent and demonstrated ability to maintain physical prowess independent of all other factors, be it rain or shine, hot or cold, any day of the year.

Rifle/Pistol Team

The Rifle and Pistol trains to compete in a shooting competition based off official NRA rules.  Shooters either fire a .22 caliber rifle, .22 caliber pistol, or both.  Both weapons are fired at targets at a range of 50 feet, and practices consist of improving accuracy over several courses of fire.  All equipment--including weapons, targets, ammo, and gear--is provided by the Battalion (though a personal weapon may be used if it qualifies for the competition), and all range time is generously provided by Sam's Gun Range.

Soccer Team

The UW North West Navy Soccer Team is like any other football club, except for the sheer awesomeness of its members. All players are members of the Naval ROTC at the University of Washington, which put them at the top of their league in any aspect of life.  The team practices twice a week, emphasizing communication, teamwork, and self-improvement.  Areas of focus are speed drills, ball work, shooting, passing, control, as well as positioning and big picture exercises.  Traits acquired in soccer practice translate well into the development of Navy and Marine Corps officers; all except a legal slide tackle technique of course.  Other than Drill teams, the soccer team rosters the most amount of members, anywhere from 15-20. The conditions for competition are subject to changing commands and can range to 5v5 indoors, to a full field of 11v11 with keepers included.  The Husky Battalion is planning on sweeping the 2010 NWN and soccer squad is no exception. We practice hard, play tough, and never quit until the ball is in the net!

Swim Team

Swimming is a sport that involves both teamwork and individual effort. It allows for the most competition, you race the person swimming on either side of you in addition to yourself. The swim team is a special team because we work together to perform as a team. However, each individual works on their own performance and races against their own time. The UW NWN swim team has the best record in the last few years out of all the other teams who compete at Northwest Navy. Having three years in a row of first place we are continuing to work hard and bring home the trophy yet again.


The Husky Volleyball Team is more than just group that meets every week to practice and hone skills, but instead is an experience! We form a cohesive, adaptable, and dominating unit, committed to perfecting our craft and decimating our opponents. In order to achieve these ends we work to improve the abilities of our less seasoned players, all the while pushing the more experienced players on our team to an even greater potential. We view this development as fundamental to maintaining a first-rate squad year in and year out. Past seasons have shown a steady improvement in our competitiveness, and it is our mission to continue this tradition.