Student Perspective


Sailing at the Husky Battalion has been forever transformed. Interest in the team is expanding, as every class trains more and more midshipmen on the Puget Sound. Lively and Vigilant, our newly acquired 44’ sail training crafts, have lived up to their much anticipated introductions into our program. While the learning curve has been steep, the level of knowledge being attained by members at all levels of the program has been significant. As any boat owner can attest to, Lively and Vigilant’s work list only grows; however, every new task we encounter only serves to teach us more about our boats and the way they work. Future plans include racing in the Leukemia Cup and Downtown Sailing Series, summer training trips, and competitively racing the boats in larger events as early as next year. Above, the boat captains have written about two of the larger events that the team has recently participated in.

Sean P. Dowell
Sail Team CO


Every Spring break, the Sail Team hosts a “Spring Sail Trip” open to all members of the Sail Team and Battalion. The trip is usually around four days in length and includes port calls in the San Juan Islands and/or Canada. This year, with the arrival of the two new Navy 44’s, we were able to get underway with the same boats we regularly train on. In the afternoon following Winter Commissioning, both blue-hulled boats departed Elliott Bay Marina for Friday Harbor, which lies in the center of the San Juan Islands. The journey lasted through the night; we sailed the blue and gold spinnaker under a full moon until at last arriving in Friday Harbor at dawn. The crew spent the rest of the day exploring the largest city in the San Juans. The next morning we set sail for Stuart Island, located in the northwestern portion of the island group containing an 85 acre marine park. The weather was sunny and the trip short and enjoyable. However, we were lucky for shortly after arriving in the protected bay at Stuart Island, the winds started building. Branches fell from the canopy and the wind whistled through the trees, steady at 30mph. The next morning we had to leave the protected waters for our next stop: Port Townsend. Thankfully the winds had died some and the transit was relatively smooth. The next morning the crew sailed the last leg of our trip back to Elliott Bay. By and large, the Spring Trip crew had a terrific time. The weather was favorable (for the most part) and the crews received lots of practice night sailing and using knowledge we had been practicing for months. Additionally, when sailing, there was a healthy competitive element between the boats that drove the crews to refine their skills. Overall, the Spring Sail was a success and a great start to the revitalized UW NROTC sailing program.

Ryan Peterson
Vigilant Boat Captain


Lively and Vigilant saw their first Seattle Opening Day this year as part of Seattle Yacht Club’s Wilson Cup Seamanship Team. The Wilson Cup Team was in need of two more sailing vessels and was generous enough to offer Lively and Vigilant the honors of completing their lineup. Distinguished guests participating in the Wilson Cup included VADM Rempt (Ret.) (aboard Lively), the Marine Corps ceremonial drill team from Submarine Base Bangor, and the Washington State Patrol.

Lively and Vigilant led the formation as the team proceeded through the Cut. The crew of each boat manned the rails and the skippers saluted the Admiral as the team passed the VIP boat. The team was competing against the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for the Wilson Cup. Seattle Yacht Club’s Wilson Cup Team prevailed and placed first in the competition. After the parade, the crews of Lively and Vigilant proceeded across Lake Washington to Hunt’s Point to join the Seattle Rotary Club at Coach Michael O’Byrne’s house for a post-Opening Day barbeque. Overall, Opening Day 2008 was a great success and the UW Navy Sailing program looks forward to many more successful Opening Day events.

Scott Hodgson
Lively Boat Captain