Citadel Challenge Outcome/ Future Plans

During the past weekend 4 of our MIDN participated in the Citadel challenge. The team consisted of MIDN Schedler, MIDN Greenslade, MIDN Zeigar, and Sgt Lewis. Congratulation to the team for placing 55th out of 180 teams! The interesting thing to note though is that although all the teams were allowed to wear running shoes, but our UW Nrotc team participated in all boots and still managed to defeat a majority of the teams. This was also the first time that the UW Nrotc team participated in the Citadel challenge. Speaking to MIDN Greenslade, the team went through a grueling six mile obstacle course which consisted of events like pulling 30 pound sandbags, a stadium run, a stretcher carry pass, a swamp crawl, and a combat fitness test. MIDN Greenslade also added that the team completed this challenge around 1 hour and 45 minutes! We are very proud of team and next year the team will be led by MIDN Greenslade. The team next year will probably consist of one MECEP, one senior, one junior , and one sophmore/freshmen! Congratulations again to our team!