Prospective and New Students

How to get a scholarship

Prospective Midshipmen students should visit the Navy's NROTC site for informtion and access to a scholarship application. A checklist for the application process is available here. If you are not selected for a NROTC scholarship, you may still participate in our Battalion as a College Programmer to increase the odds of picking up a scholarship the following year.

Prospective Active duty students can visit the Navy's STA-21 site or Marine's MECEP site.

New Battalion members

New students, welcome aboard! Whether you are an MIDN or Active Duty, make sure to check out the rest of the pages to familiarize yourself with our unit and your requirments.

Applying to the UW

UW’s official admissions FAQ:

The best way to apply to UW is online:


Frequent Questions

Q:  Can the NROTC help get my application through faster?

A:   We don't have a lot of "pull" like some of the units at smaller schools do. For STA-21 or MECEP students, you can contact the Admission Office directly, and they should be able to rush your application if you explain to them that you have a deadline for your program.  Generally your acceptance to the STA-21 or MECEP program reflects favorably on your application, so that does help with the selection process. Try this number for the admissions office: 206.543.9686.

Q:  How do I form a degree plan?  Do you have an example I can look at?

A:   You should contact your department's advisor. You can find their contact info on this page:

They should be able to provide you with a sample degree plan and give advice.  You can use the General Catalog to find out the requirements for your degree and to get an idea of which classes are offered what quarters:

You should customize your degree plan using the catalog (the one your advisor gives you will probably be a four-year no summers plan). 

Q:  I have prior military service. Will I receive credit for the education the Navy/Marine Corps has thus far provided me?  If so, how much?

A:   Yes, you can receive up to 35 general credits if you send UW your SMART transcripts. The downside, however, is that they may not apply to your major and once you start piling up over 200 credits, the UW will start to demand that you graduate. If the credits do not help make progess in your major, you will be able to submit a waiver (showing that you are not purposfully avoiding graduation). The upside is that if you are looking at a double major, you can upgrade to a double degree with sufficient credit.

Q:  Will I receive credit for the AP exams I took in High School?

You may.  Specific details on how the UW accepts AP credit can be found here:

Other types of college credits may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, you’ll want to contact an advisor at Mary Gates Hall: