Spring Quarter Begins

Spring quarter has been in session for about three weeks now, and the battalion has been as busy as ever. On Saturday, April 13th, the Husky Battalion had it's first ever Barks and Recreation Day. This event was successful thanks to the hard work and planning of the Gold Department. Some highlights of the day were the performance of the Regulation Drill team at Red Square and the Students vs. Staff volleyball game. The Reg. Drill Team continued the nearly 90+ year tradition of close-order drill at the University of Washington. Thanks to all of their hard work and practice under the instruction of MIDN Ellis, the drill team was very well received.

On Wednesday of last week, the battalion had the Spring PRT. Hopefully, everyone performed to the absolute maximum and upheld the unit's tradition of outstanding physical fitness.

Upcoming events include Opening Day on 4 May, Joint Service Review on 23 May, Swiftsure International Yacht Race on 24 May, and Spring Commissioning on 14 June.