Following An Eventful Week!

This week, the Husky Battalion was briefed on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) during Tuesday's drill. Sexual Assault is a serious problem and we must do everything we can to prevent such actions. We have the tools to prevent and respond to sexual assault. The more people who get involved, understand, and practice SAPR, the sooner we can "move to the left" of the problem. As leaders, we have an obligation to step in whenever we see potential sexual harassment and/or assault case that may arise. Do not be afraid; find the courage, speak up, and take action!

In other news, as Birthday Ball and Halloween comes to an end, the Husky Battalion gets ready for yet another event: the Veterans Day Ceremony. Pay Attention to the recent emails that have been sent to the Battalion as they hold important information about the Veterans Day Ceremony. The practice on 06 Nov is MANDATORY for all Battalion members. Muster will be at 0630 at Medal of Honor Memorial on Memorial Way. Also, think about volunteering for Husky Stadium Clean-up. It can be a good time with your fellow classmates and greatly benefits the Husky Battalion.