Good Luck With Mid-Terms!

Drill this week was split, with the Navy options receiving a brief from LT Kigin on the MH-60R and MH-60S, and from LT Ford about the P-3C Orion and the P-8 Poseidon. The briefs taught the Navy Option Midshipmen about the functionality of the different aircraft. Useful information no matter what the intended community is. Meanwhile the Marine Options mustered in Clark Hall for a class on Land Navigation. The Midshipmen learned how to use protractors, compasses, and maps to plot grid coordinates and shoot azimuths. They also received briefs on the different methods used between daylight land nav and night light nav. The Northwest Navy schedule was published early this week, and the units teams have now begun to finalize many of their team members for competition. Mid Terms have begun this week, a reminder that the quarter is in full swing, and yet another chance to bring up ones GPA, or see it drop further. Whatever way it goes, good luck with midterms battalion!