Another Tuesday Morning Drill!

During Tuesday drill the Battalion had two informative briefs and a message from our BSM. The first brief was about the Command Climate Assessment, ran by LT Gardner. The battalion learned the importance of this survey and how it can benefit and improve our NROTC unit. Battalion members should take this seriously and give good constructive feedback.

Naval Leadership Weekend at the University of Notre Dame was last weekend and MIDN Westmoreland, Morris, Gaylor, and Pond briefed the battalion on some of the leadership lessons that were covered.

As mentioned by our BSM, remember to always respond to the Chain of Command so our battalion staff knows that the word is actually being passed. Make sure to contact the BSM or Gunnery Sergeant for any reason of absence or change to the watchbill so appropriate action may be taken. And lastly all battalion members are expected to follow the guidelines of proper civilian attire.

Congratulations to those who were recognized for their fine performance at the JROTC drill meet.